Admissions are usually made in April on the basis of the candidate in the entrance test conducted on the date notified.


No student who has less than 75% attendance to his/her credit in an academic year shall be permitted to appear in the annual examination. Unauthorized absence for a period of 30 will result in removal of the pupil’s name from the rolls. Long absence may be condoned at the discretion of the principal.


The school conducts two terminal examinations (Summative Assessment )In addition to these, there are continuous and comprehensive evaluation of students using a variety of tools and techniques (Formative Assessment)


For promotion to the next class, students must get 40 % marks in each subject annually. In addition, a student’s total performance in other examinations/tests will also be considered for promotion.


Parents or guardians, desirous of withdrawing the children, should give notice of their intention to the principal at least a month prior to the proposed date of withdrawal. In certain cases the principal has the right to dismiss a student from the school and the fees paid in respect of such astudent for the year will not be refunded.

Uniform should be considered as a simple, moderate and patterned dress for wearing in the school on all occasions. The uniform should be of the prescribed colours, and pattern. No other dress will be allowed inside the campus during working hours and on special occasions.

The school uniform encourages discipline and promotes a sense of belonging among pupils. Wearing the uniform is a sign of identification with the school community.

It is obligatory on parents to pay up all school dues including transport, tuition and hostel fees etc. on time. Failure to pay the fees on time will result in the rustication of student from the class without warning.

General Conditions

1. Admission is made without any distinction of religion, caste, race, place of birth, social status, etc. Normally admission is done at the beginning of the academic year. The Principal has the discretion to decide on admission.

2. A student seeking admission to any class will be eligible if he/she:

has been studying in an ENGLISH MEDIUM school recognized by/affiliated to the CBSE/ICSE or any other state/Union territory.

2.1  Has passed the qualifying and equivalent exams making him eligible for admission to that class.

2.2 Satisfies the requirement of age limit.

2.3  Produces Transfer Certificate (TC) signed by the Head of the institution last attended and counter signed by the Education authorities (State/CBSE/ICSE).

2.4  Documents (Original Report Card) in support of having passed the qualifying exam.

3. No student shall be admitted in any class if he or she is/has been expelled from any school/board.

4. No student shall be admitted to any subsequent higher class unless he has completed the regular course of study of the class to which he/she was admitted at the beginning of the academic session, and has passed the exam at the end of the academic session, qualifying his/her promotion to the next higher class.

5. In no case shall a student be admitted to a class higher than that for which he/she is entitled according to the T.C.

1. No students shall be admitted unless an application in the prescribed form signed by his/her parents/guardian has been submitted.

2. The parent/guardian must state the date of birth of the child in the application form and the same must be supported by a Birth Certificate from the Panchayat/Local authority. No change in the date of birth shall be entertained later. Parent/guardian must be careful with regard to the child’s name indicated in the application form.

3. If a student comes under SC/ST/OBC etc. category, the parent/guardian must produce a certificate stating the same from the Panchayat/Local authority.

4. Every application for admission is filed and forms part of the permanent record of the school.

5. Entry in the rolls – A newly admitted student shall have his name entered in the rolls of the school on the date at which first attended the class after making payments of all specified dues.

6. Admission numbers shall be allotted to students on their admission and each student must retail this number till he/she leaves the school. In case of withdrawal (TC) and re-admission a new admission number would be given.

7. Caution Deposit – Caution deposit is charged only from Class XI (Science) student which is refundable without interest at the time of leaving the school.

8. For any willful misrepresentation of facts by the parent/guardian/student, the Principal has the discretion to punish the student.

1. Damages done to building, furniture, library books, laboratories, sports goods etc. will be viewed seriously. Such losses should be paid for at the discretion of the principal.

2. Any students found to have taken other students belongings will face suspension.

3. Any students caught copying in any examination or engaging in malpractices will be suspended from the school.

4. Students are forbidden to contact outsiders during the school hours without the permission of the principal.

5. Every student should take part in the school games unless physically unfit and specially exempted by the principal.

6. Books, magazines and periodicals not approved by the principal are strictly prohibited in the school.

7. Students are advised not to keep money, gold ornaments or electronic goods like walkman, transistor, camera, laptop, cd, vcd, Mobile phone & similar articles in the school.

8. Girls are strictly forbidden to use valuable gold ornaments except small ear rings.

9. Regular late coming, frequent absence, negligence in wearing uniforms, carelessness in studies etc. will be viewed seriously.

10. Students are not allowed to give gifts to the teachers except on the Teacher’s Day as directed by the principal.

11. Students will not be permitted to leave the classrooms during the working hours on excuse like drinking water, urination etc.

12. Students are not allowed to drive motor bikes/vehicles into the campus, even on holidays.

13. The leave record in the diary should always be kept up to date.

14. The school reserves the right to expel any student when it is felt necessary to do so for the well being of the institution.

15. Every student is expected to endeavour to attain academic excellence, to imbibe values and to uphold the reputation of the school by becoming an exemplary student. May Allah, the Almighty guide us to the straight path and help us to achieve excellence in all fields.

16. Every student should bring school diary to school daily

Hostel facility

The school has separate hostels for the boys and girls within the school campus. Resident tutors take care of the specific needs of the students. The hostel inmates should abide by the hostel inmates should abide by the hostel rules.


 Bus transportation is provided by the school for all students. While using the bus, students are to observe a code of behavior, which must reflect the identity and discipline of the school.

The school has a well-stacked library with books for general reading and reference so that students may develop the reading habit and comprehension ability. Newspapers and magazines are available in Malayalam and English.

Rules inside the library

1. Strict silence should be maintained in the library.

2. Books should be returned on or before due date in good condition. Damage, if any, is to be reported before borrowing a book.

3. Lost or damaged books be replaced by the student, or the price of the book should be paid.

4. Dictionary, encyclopedia, and other reference books will not be issued for taking outside the library.

5. Newspapers, magazines, and journals are not allowed to be taken outside the library.

Muslim students are given regular and detailed coaching about the religion. The books used for religious studies are those books published by ‘Samastha’. The school has separate mosque for boys and prayer halls for girls within the school campus.

Guidelines to parents/guardians

1. Parents/guardians should see that their wards respect the rules and regulations of the school.

2. Parents/guardians should monitor the study habits, execution of home assignments etc. of their wards.

3. Parents/guardians should ensure that leave letters of their wards are sent to the class teacher on time.

4. School transport will be available only the routs decided by the school authorities. Routes may be changed to suit operational convenience.

5. Please ensure that the child comes to the school in proper uniform.

6. The school  will be sending notes, circulars etc .through the students from time to time, which may please be attended to.

7. Parents are most welcome to meet principal/vice principal and the teachers during the recess time or any time with prior permission of the principal.

Uniform should be considered as a simple, moderate and patterned dress for wearing in the school on all occasions. The uniform should be of the prescribed colours, and pattern. No other dress will be allowed inside the campus during working hours and on special occasions.

The school uniform encourages discipline and promotes a sense of belonging among pupils. Wearing the uniform is a sign of identification with the school community.


A wide range of activities aimed at all-round development of the personality of the child are organized. The school organizes seminars, festivals, exhibitions arts & sports days. There are a number of clubs & associations active in the campus. They are: Science club, Mathematics Club, Arts club, Heritage Club, Sports club etc.. Students desirous of joining these clubs should contact the teacher in charge of the respective club.

The students are taken out on picnic and study tours. The parents are informed and their consent is obtained in advance. The teachers supervise and conduct such outings only after making prior arrangements. However, the school authorities are not responsible in spite of all precautions taken for any unforeseen events like accidents, sickness etc..

Every student should take part in P.E.T. and games regularly. The performance of the students in physical education and their conduct will also be considered for the process of CCE. Coaching is provided in athletics and games for the students to take part in inter-school competitions.

The institution has a counseling group headed by veteran teachers. The team is expected to help the students having learning disorders. Classes in career guidance will be held in co-operation with various agencies.

The school brings out an annual magazine which provides an opportunity for students to express their literary talents. Besides each class bring out manuscript magazines.

“Learn with Nature”

Environment related activities: Cleaning campaigns organized by Nature club.

Celebration of World Environment Day, Ozone Day, Clean-up Days etc.


CLASS ROOM2119.68519.685
PHYSICS LAB119.68519.685
CHEMISTRY LAB119*.68519.685
BIOLOGY LAB119.68519.685
OTHER ROOMS419.68519.685
MATHS LAB119.68519.685
Bio-Tech Lab119.68519.685


Establishment Fee10001000100010001100
Establishment Fee23002300230023002300
Application Fee100100100100100
Special Fee600600600600600
Dairy & ID Card/Yearly130130130130130
Computer Fee/Yearly350400450500
Lab Fee/Yearly400
At the time of Admission41304480453045805130
Monthly(Rounded amount)5207408751010
Ist Installment before july 151300185021902900
2nd Installment Before September 301300185021902520
3rd Installment Before December 151300185021902520
4th Installment Before February 281300185021902520