Comenius, the great educational philosopher, said that education is the development of the whole man. This means that education should touch, chasten, and culture all the aspects of the human personality, his body, mind and spirit. True education ought to give a corrective to the entire outlook of man, removing all the angularities in his personality and turning him out to be a man of robust mind and sound character, whose conduct and behavior under varying situation become edifying and worthy of emulation.

Plato said,` Education consists in giving to the body and soul all perfection of which they are susceptible.’ Hence it is that all our plans of education and paradigms of training should have this goal clearly before them, namely, ` giving to the body and soul all perfection of which they are susceptible’. These, then, ought to be our educational ideals. It is therefore of vital importance that such healthy and helpful conditions be created in the educational field as are conducive to the all-round growth of the personality of the student, who, after all, constitutes the citizen of tomorrow .For achieving this goal, both formal and moral education should be given side by side, in order to prepare man to accept and occupy a responsible and respectable position in society and to discharge the duties that devolve upon him truly, honestly, and conscientiously.

As the famous educational philosopher John Dewey has put it `education is life itself. It is the process of unfolding the nature and capacities of the child. Education must help a child to equip himself for the struggle for life; it must also bring out strength of character and a spirit of philanthropy, thus, helping the child grow into an individual who is both personally efficient and socially useful.